Grade Three Braille

The following lists are intended as a reference for those good folks seeking a handy place to find grade three braille. They are not, unfortunately, spiffily designed lessons in grade three. There are sources for grade three lessons in books still available from NLS, and marvelously, now available via Web Braille.

In the interests of completeness and to satisfy some sense of esthetics which I cannot quite articulate, I've included the grade two contractions here as well. However, if you want to learn braille, you are strongly (really, really strongly) advised to seek a site which will both give you only grade two and also have some pedagogical underpinnings. Here are a couple good websites:

Contractions Lists

Lists on the following pages utilize the Duxbury Braille font which you can download from Duxbury Systems
You don't need the font to read the dots directly on a refreshable braille display of course, so if yu don't need the dots displayed on the monitor, don't worry about the font installation.

If you want to see the actual braille dots in print, but you don't want to download a font, click on the PDF.

The first link below is the master list, containing all the grade II and grade III contractions, followed by its PDF. the second pair of links is a grade 3 only list. Please pass along any suggestions or errors you find in the lists; we'll make adjustments as we can

Updated: November 30, 2011