A fifty-word Swadesh List

How many of these are not among the top 5,000 english words by frequency?

1-10 I (Pers.Pron.1.Sg.) You (2.sg! 1952 thou & ye) we (inclusive) this that who? what? not all (of a number) many

11. one two big long (not 'wide') small woman man (adult male human) person (individual human) fish (noun) bird

21. dog louse tree (not log) seed (noun!) leaf (botanics) root (botanics) bark (of tree) skin (personís) flesh/meat blood

31. bone grease/fat (noun) egg horn (of bull etc) tail feather (large, not down) hair (on head of humans) head (anatomic) ear eye

41. nose mouth tooth (front, rather than molar) tongue (anatomical) claw (noun) foot (not leg) knee hand belly (lower part of body, abdomen) neck