The BG Language Creation Guide

A Grammar and Dictionary of JuTtIn

Compiled by Alex Berge--2007

The native speakers of this language are not specifically honed into one area of the Earth. Although this language may have certain influences from other languages, It is true that beings from a different galaxy made this language so they could accurately speak to anyone who is part of the correct society here on Earth. The correct society is the society of the drinking establishments of the universe. Alcoholics are not welcome to be a part of this society, because the creators do not think consuming alcohol should lead to a life's destruction. There is not a definite number of JuTtIn speakers, but then again, no one knows how many society members there are. It is folklore that if one thinks he sees a fellow society member out and about, on Earth or elsewhere, he says, "JuTtIn" and if he does not get a look of confusion in return, they begin speaking about how long they've known about the language. And often times they become good friends and travel together. The spirit of having a language like this is to show brotherhood between drinkers. Whether in Ireland, Norway, Mars, Zephyrica, Japan, or America, JuTtIn is a language that every alcohol drinker can utilize to perpetuate their good time. It is a communication enhancer and if one is to spend enough time in a drinking establishment, they will be able to hear people speaking JuTtIn. No one knows how beginners get to learn this language, but it is out there.