The BG Language Creation Guide


This language, unlike most languages, was created not for the explicit purpose of facilitating communication. Certainly, no one looking at its complicated structuring and long words would assume it remotely attempts to make anyoneís life easier. Rather, this language was created with a goal: get Godís attention. After examining Dante Alighieriís Divine Comedy, the Framers decided that, since Godís universe runs on fixed laws, perhaps this is the best way to reach him. Hence, the Framers made the patterns and symbolisms in their language as obvious as the patterns and symbolisms in the Divine Comedy.

Why would any group of people be so obsessively concerned with finding the best way to contact God? They happen to have rather intense personal interests involved. The speakers are a sect of the inhabitants of Purgatory. Unwilling to wait out their sentences quietly sans Godís presence, they attempt to make appeals to Him by expressing their dedication to Him in this language. This field researcher will make no comment on whether these attempts actually work, but suffice to say that the DulJahs, the common name for the speakers of the Dante language, are basically the laughing stock of the rest of Purgatoryís inhabitants.