The BG Language Creation Guide


Liqupa Segment Inventory


This language has 10 consonants.


[p] voiceless bilabial stop
[q] voiceless uvular stop
[d] voiced alveolar stop


[s] voiceless alveolar fricative
[h] voiceless glottal fricative

Nasals, Liquids and Glides

[m] voiced bilabial nasal
[n] voiced alveolar nasal
[l] voiced alveolar lateral
[w] voiced labiovelar glide
[y] voiced palatal glide


This language has 3 vowels.
[i] high front tense vowel as in 'heat'
[u] high back tense rounded vowel as in 'hoot'
[a] low back unrounded vowel as in 'hot'

Segment Summary

The inventory has 13 total segments. NB: I have not included the summary of how nautre the system is here: you'all can determine that on your own!
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Updated: 3/26/2010