The BG Language Creation Guide

#4: First Collaboration

Now that you have your basic cultural outline, segments and a first set of words in hand, it is time for some consultation. Provide your partner with copies of your steps 1-3.

You should fill out the form below to give to your partner. This form will guide you through helpful suggestions and spot checks.

Please cut and paste the following into an email to your partner and cc me. You may also (are encouraged to) make notes on the step 1-3 themselves. this form is for a more formalized response and summary.

The purpose of this assignment is to help one another. I have seen all of the papers already. Nothing you say will in anyway hurt your partner's grade. I expect you each to do a thorough and professional job and give your partner information which will help him or her improve the created language.

Feedback from First Language Collaboration

Paste this form into an email (or save as text or trf_ and mail to you partner. Please CC me.
  • Noun Classes if any:
  • You mark number in this way: (specify and comment if you like)
  • You mark possessives in this way (specify) comments?
  • You negate nouns in this way: comments?
  • The noun you made that I wish I had is:
  • A check for ungrammatical forms and presentation errors:
  • Here are five words I made for you with their glosses and translations:
  • check for understanding: Translations: Using your partner's grammatical system and lexical items, translate these words and phrases into his or her language. If you have trouble doing this, explain so your partner knows what to fix. Note that we have no equivalent for "the" at present. You may ignore that for now.

    Updated: June 30, 2011