The BG Language Creation Guide

#8: Creating Descriptors

Adjectives exist in many, but not all languages. What does a language do without adjectives? It uses verbs or nouns: 'be good' instead of 'good', goodness instead of good, If you don't want adjectives, you don't have to have them, but you do have to explain how you will translate the forms listed here.

Here are the questions for you to answer as you decide how to set upyour adjectival (or pseudo-adjectival) system.:

Note that as you work through these questions, you may find yourself wanting to translate whole phrases rather than isolated words. That is perfectly alright. Please think a little bit about what order you'd like those words to appear in. You will be able to change your mind on that point later on though. If you do find that you've changed your mind when you are finally asked to establish rules about ordering words within phrases, remember to come back to this point and make corrections.