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Example 8: Descriptors

There is no copula in the present tense in Liqupa. The negative free morpheme is wuci. In past and future tenses, bound root -yi is used as a vehicle to carry tense. The resulting copula does not inflect for person as do other verbs.

Adjectives that modify M class nouns do not agree with the head nouns in any way. Adjectives which modify Na class nouns, however, must appear with a -na suffix even when their associated noun is not plural.

Adjectives are negated by prefixing 'wuci-' to the free adjectival root word.


alive piq
all waya
beautiful wiwi
big yuq
cold lala
dark or black muda
dry nala homophonous with -nala=sand
full waya polysemous with all
good siq
long yali
many hula
new yiyi homophone of ,yiyi, begin
-yi bound suffix meaning either to be or (on nouns) origin
kaka finish
ka- bound derivational prefix end of
round laq
small yaya
small -ya bound derivational suffix
strange laiwalai (Note: this form was historically lawucilai (lailai + infix wuq neg)) ordinary-neg-ordinary
warm mumu
white siqu polysemous with snow; note that the emergent pattern might predict the form would be siq but that means ,good,.
bright naq
reassuringly ordinary; fine lailai
pipa-li bird-ADJ, 'birdish' describes a person who happily rises early and goes to bed early
Siqu-li snow-ADJ, (snowy) lovely and unattainable, sparkling, hopeful
yaqu-li five-ADJ, few

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