The BG Language Creation Guide

#11: Language Contact and Borrowing Words

Each of you has collected 12 new words. Now add all 12 to your language. You are required to

For each new word:

  1. Give the new word in your language
  2. Its meaning
  3. Etymology: Name of language from which it was borrowed, name of that language's creator and its original morphological composition.
  4. Its original form in that language
  5. Any phonological adjustments that were made to the word (i.e. any substitutions of segments, epenthesis of segments or deletions when the word came to you.)
  6. Whether you calqued the word or borrowed all its constituent morphemes as an unanalyzed chunk or some combination

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Here's a very interesting example of fictional language and cultural contact. The Sparrow by Mary Doria-Russel: A First-Contact Science Fiction Novel Involving Linguists and linguistics.
Updated 4/5/2010