The BG Language Creation Guide

Translation Test Answers

The first thing that must be noted here is that this is not the way a person who is fluent in a language does a translation. Although it is essential that a translator have mastery of the grammar of both languages, The essence of a good translation is not in the nuts and bolts of grammar. the translator recreates the intended meaning of the utterance in the new language.

Most likely, although you have created your language, you are not a fluent speaker. You probably find yourself looking up your own words and grammar rules. Your translations are most likely not wholely reflexive. that means, to avoid error and inconsistency, you should take a deliberate, technical approach to the work as I have done with the Liqupa sentences below.

Sentence 1: The child goes.

Sentence 2: The bird will swim.

Note the only difference, besides that of different content words, is the addition of the tense marker.

Liqupa: pipa u-na-maqu-sa
Gloss: bird 3-FUT-fish-go
English translation: The bird will swim.

Sentence 3: The little duck caught the fish (PL).

Sentence 4: You touch the children.

Sentence 5: The duck flies.

We warm up the little birds.

Updated 4/19/2011