Anseo Agreement and Negation

Examine the data from Anseo, and answer the questions that follow.

1. a. To so amist.
1S (COP PRES) tall

b. Ki bian lia.
2S (COP PRES) funny

c. Mu bianu amistora.
3S.M (COP PRES) afraid

d. Amu bianu brianam.
3S.F (COP PRES) girl.

e. u bianu strinam
3S (COP PRES) a loud noise.
br>f. se bian silianam.

g. ki bian olarn.
2PL (COP PRES) awake.

h. suan bian sibiranam.
3PL (COP PRES) girls.

2.a. to kiak.
1S walk (PRES).

b. ki brianol.
2S sing (PRES).

c. mu aolu u.
3S.M touch it (PRES).

d. amu brianolu.
3S.F sing (PRES).

e. U kiaku.
3S walk (PRES).

f. se aol ki.
1PL touch you (PRES).

g. ki kiak.
2PL walk (PRES).

h. mual brianol.
3PL sing (PRES).

3.a. to so kiaker
1S walk (PRES PROG)

b. ki bian brianoler
2S sing (PRES PROG).

c. mu bianu aoler u.
3S.M touch it (PRES PROG).

d. amu bianu brianoler.
3S.F sing (PRES PROG).

e. U bianu kiaker.
3S walk (PRES PROG).

f. se bian aoler ki.
1PL touch you (PRES PROG).

g. ki bian kiaker.
2PL walk (PRES PROG).

h. mual bian brianoler.
3PL sing (PRES PROG).

4.a. to so epo amist.
1S (NEG COP PRES) tall.

b. ki bian epo lia.
2S (NEG COP PRES) funny.

c. mu bianu epo amistora.
3S.M (NEG COP PRES) afraid.

d. Amu bianu epo brianam.
3S.F (NEG COP PRES) a girl.

e. u bianu epo strinam
3S (NEG COP PRES) a loud noise.

f. se bian epo silianam.
1PL (NEG COP PRES) the children.

g. ki bian epo olarn.
2PL (NEG PL) (COP PRES) awake.

h. suan bian epo sibiranam.
3PL (NEG COP PRES) girls.

5.a. to ar epo kiak.
1S walk (NEG PRES).

b. ki ar epo brianol.
2S sing (NEG PRES).

c. mu aru epo aol u.
3S.M touch it (NEG PRES).

d. amu aru epo brianol.
3S.F sing (NEG PRES).

e. U aru epo kiak.
3S walk (NEG PRES).

f. se ar epo aol ki.
1PL touch you (NEG PRES).

g. ki ar epo kiak.
2PL walk (nNEG PRES).

h. mual ar epo brianol.
3PL sing (NEG PRES).

6.a. to so epo kiaker

b. ki bian epo brianoler
2S sing (NEG PRES PROG).

c. mu bianu epo aoler u.
3S.M touch it (NEG PRES PROG).

d. amu bianu epo brianoler.
3S.F sing (NEG PRES PROG).

e. U bianu epo kiaker.
3S walk NEG (PRES PROG).

f. se bian epo aoler ki.
1PL touch you (NEG PRES PROG).

g. ki bian epo kiaker.

h. mual bian epo brianoler.


A. Make sure you understand the abbreviations by translating the first and last sentences in each section 1-6.

B. Describe any agreement morphology you find in the data.

C. Describe the pronominal system: in technical terms, what aspects of person, number and gender are expressed and how do these combine?

D. Describe how negation is accomplished.

e. Translate the following into ansek using the list of extra words below. then, translate the list again, negating each sentence.
angry: hest
boy: abre
run: dian
smile/ smile at: meli

1. I smile (at) you.
2. He is angry.
3. The boy walks.
4. The children are running.
5. We touch the boy.
6. The boy is smiling.
7. I am singing.
8. You are angry.