Language Structure Problems

Word Order: Basque

Examine these data and answer the questions that follow:

1. igel mutila entzuten -- the frog hears the boy 2. neska amaren -- the girl's mother 3. igel arrautzak -- the frog's eggs 4. txarra txakurra ibiltzen -- the bad dog walks 5. katua sagua ikusten -- the cat sees the mouse 6. txakurra gabe -- without the dog 7. neska izar ikusten -- the girl sees the star 8. mutila ikusten duten izarrak -- the boy who sees stars

A. What is the order of object, subject and verb?

B. Does this language use prepositions or postpositions? C. What is the order of thing possessed and possesser?

D. What is the order of relative clause and noun?

E. What is the order of adjective and noun?

F. Do the findings above fit together as expected? Is this language head initial, head final or a mixed case?