Sorting adverbs

In languages which do not overtly express tense, adverbs indicate when things occur. In languages with tense marking, adverbs add meaning.

Tense, as it is popularly conceived, is a pretty straight-forward linear marking of a progression from the past into the future.

Here are 30 adverbials. Put them in order from the past to the future. Describe any reservations or difficulties you have along the way.

1. yesterday
2. when I was a kid
3. tomorrow
4. during the reign of Atrinius
5. right now
6. after the rain
7. in a jiffy
8. soon
9. when you're old
10. before objecting
11. Sunday
12. in 2084
13. before the invention of the radio
14. in a second
15. in 1954
16. last week
17. when I'm old
18. once
19. this afternoon
20. in a minute
21. in McBeth
22. just now
23. when pigs fly
24. Sundays
25. before the invention of the faster-than-light space drive
26. now
27. tonight
28. when Sheri's in the Solomon Islands
29. never
30. on your own time