Language Structure Problems

Hawaiian Numbers

Here are some of the Hawaiian numbers up to 25. Study the pattern and answer the questions.

Two Elua

Three Ekolu

Four Eha

Five Elima

Six Eono

Seven Ehiku

Eight Ewalu

Nine Eiwa

Ten Umi

Eleven Umikumamakahi

Twelve Umikumamalua

Thirteen Umikumamakolu

Fifteen Umikumamalima

Sixteen Umikumamaono

Eighteen Umikumamawalu

Twenty Iwakalua

Twenty-one Iwakaluakumamakahi

Twenty-two Iwakaluakumamalua

Twenty-four Iwakaluakumamaha

Twenty-five Iwakaluakumamalima

a. How do you say the following in Hawaiian:

b. Describe the morphology of Hawaiian numbers. That is, how many morphemes does it take to construct a two digit number in hawaiian? In general, what are these morphemes and in what order do they appear?