Language Structure Problems


Examine the data from Javanese and answer the questions which follow.

1. mobil ijo
green car

2. Aku saka Jawa.
I'm from Java.

3. Iki enak banget!
It is very delicious!

4. Nganggo pancuran
With a shower

5. wayah esuk
In The Morning

6. Aku perlu dokter
I need a doctor

7. Nganggo bak mandi
with a bathroom

8. Wayah wengi
At Night

9. Kowe saka ngendi?
Where are you from?

10. aku guru
I'm a teacher

11. Iki bojoku
This is my wife

12. Wayah sore
In the evening

13. Aku setuju karo kowe
I agree with you

14. njobo mobil
outside the car

15. Melu aku!
Come with me!

16. Iki darurat!
It's urgent!

17. Aku ora saka kene
I'm not from here

18. Kowe apik banget!
You're very kind!

a. Does Javanese use prepositions or post positions? Give an example.

b. Examine the English translations and look for places where English prepositions were used. Examine the way(s) in which these are translated into Javanese. do the Javanese and English forms match up one-to-one? Explain what you have found.