1. jiqet \ I run

2. suqong \ you (guys) sleep

3. qoq legh puq \ the child Sees the robot.

4. paq jilad \ I read the book.

5. qong puqpu' \ the children sleep

6. qet qoq \ the robot runs

7. su'ih \ you (guys) are beautiful

8. qoq suv suvwi'pu' \ the warriors fight the robot

9. suvum \ you (guys) work

10. jitin \ I am tall

a. What is the basic order of subject object and verb?

B. What inflectional, root and derivational morphemes can you find?

C. List the words in the English translation that do not directly appear in the Klingon sentences. How does Klingon express the meanings of these 'missing' words?

D. How does Klingon express meanings that are adjectives in English?