Language Structure Problems


Using the data below, determine if Oroha is a head-initial or head-final language. Then consult your list of word order correlations. How well does Oroha conform to what is generally found in languages of its sort? Please be specific.

1. Poro na horia 'o'o.
The man buys a drum.

2. Eke na saeto'o 'o'o seeni na.
The white parrot likes the good drum.

3. 'aatowa seeni
good day

4. eke Johne na
John's white pparrot.

5. ru'aru'a Philipu na.
Philip's basket.

6. huni gouti
to the goat

7. mani poo
from the pig

8. Poo na ka hana.
The pig is eating.

9. Gouti eke'ekera na ka mao.
The white goat is dancing.