Language Structure Problems

for the following ten items, indicate which of themeanings listed you would classify as homonyms and which as polysemous meanings of the same word. It you have more than one polysemous form in a particular case, which would you count as more likely to be the prototype.

1. bob: to bounce up and down oftenin water
bob: a short haircut
bob: a man's name
bob: to cut off one's hair very short

2. cry: a loud shout
cry: to weep
cry: to call out the news

3. cup: a drinking vessle
cup: a trophy
cup: a standardized quantity of a substance (usually in cooking)
cup: a competition

4. date: occasion to meet
date: a fruit that grows on a palm tree
date: a spcific year when someevent occurred or will occur
date: the number of the day of the month
date: a person you will meet, usually for romantic purposes
date: to determine the age of a historical object
date: to have a romantic attachment to another person (CF: they are dating)

5. dog: a canine
dog: a (reasonably) friendly insult
dog: to follow someone closely

6. fall: autumn
fall: defeat; the end of an empire (CF the fall of rome)
fall: to lose one's balance and collapse to the ground

7. ring: a circular enclosure for boxing
ring: a piece of jewelry for the finger
ring: the sound of a bell
ring: a phone call
ring: a circular mark left behind by some kind of imprinting form

8. run: (hole in your stocking)
run: (series of playing cards
run: to move quickly

9. shout: a loud cry
Shout: to cry out
shout: a quick message or notification (give me a shout when...)

10. spring: a coiled usually metal object
spring: to leap
spring: a season
spring: a fresh outpouring of water from the ground