Language Structure Problems

Fricatives in 'Old" ragayo

Examine these data from Aryo, also called Old ragayo,: the language spoken by bears in the wild. What can you tell about the laboi-Dental fricatives? are they allophones of the same phoneme or of different phonemes? Provide a minimal pair or state the distribution.

1. [vavwa] -- popcorn
2. [val] -- in
3. [kavar] -- danger
4. [bruvu] -- to use
5. [kavwif] -- no problem
6. [chof] -- stone
7. [gluf] -- back end of a bear
8. [val] -- home
9. [davlok] -- carrot
10. [vi] -- little sister
11. [vron] -- west
12. [daf] -- long

Yes, it's a 'real' language, and yes, I (sheri Wells-Jensen…) had the delight of creating it. In case you want to know, and trust me, you do, here is a link to more info on the book which made Ragayo necessary: Secrets of Bearhaven by K.E. Rocha.
Ko gra-rashuk kidab!