Language Structure Problems

Ragayo: The Language of Bears

Examine the Ragayo data below and answer the questions:

1. fashbrik - electricity
2. glar - fire
3. fron - paw
4. raga - bear
5. brik - lightning
6. glaru - to burn
7. fashhako - camera
8. fronu - to walk
9. briku - to seize an enemy suddenly, to leap upon unexpectedly
10 idi - tooth
11. fashra - flashlight
12. hakou - to see
13. fashglar - heater
14. fashraga - a terrible insult

a. Explain the function of the Ragayo suffix -u and the Ragayo prefix fash-. Are they inflectional or derivational?
B. What do you imagine the Ragayo words 'idiu' and 'fashidi' might mean?
c. Why do you think bears consdier 'fashraga' to be a terrible insult?

Yes, it's a 'real' language, and yes, I (sheri Wells-Jensen…) had the delight of creating it. In case you want to know, and trust me, you do, here is a link to more info on the book which made Ragayo necessary: Secrets of Bearhaven by K.E. Rocha.
Ko gra-rashuk kidab!