Language Structure Problems

Ragayo: The Language of Bears

Examine the Ragayo data below and answer the questions:

1. fron - paw
2. raga - bear
3. dan - sentient beings such as bears and wolves
4. alaran - skies
5. aui - edge / border
6. achodak - computer
7. fronan - paws
8. ragan - bears
9. alar - sky
10. auin - edges / borders
11. achodakan - coputers
12. da - a sentient being such as a bear or a wolf

Explain how to make a word plural in Ragayo. Please note that there are two forms of the plural morpheme. Please indicate how you know when to use each form.

Yes, it's a 'real' language, and yes, I (sheri Wells-Jensen…) had the delight of creating it. In case you want to know, and trust me, you do, here is a link to more info on the book which made Ragayo necessary: Secrets of Bearhaven by K.E. Rocha.
Ko gra-rashuk kidab!