Language Structure Problems

Slovene Agreement and Pronouns

Here are some preliminary Slovene data.

1. dva ptica spita. \ the two birds sleep.
2. On spi. \ he sleeps.
3. jaz spim. \ I sleep.
4. pet pticev spi. \ The five birds sleep.
5. Ona spi. \ she sleeps.
6. trije ptici spijo. \ the three birds sleep.
7. ti spiS \ You sleep.
8. ptic spi. \ the bird sleeps.

A. Give the slovene pronouns that appear in the data. Be sure to use only person and number designations for these: not English translations.
B. Assuming we are dealing only with subject pronouns, what pronouns are missing? Answer this question by giving person and number designations rather than English pronouns.
C. From this data, what do you think the most basic form of the verb 'sleep' might be?
D. What do you know about subject-verb agreement in Slovene? Be specific and lay out all your data.