Kiswahili Simple Sentences

1. Ninyi ni wakenya.
You are Kenyan.

2. Ninyi ni waholanzi.
You are Dutch.

3. Wewe ni mchina.
You are Chinese.

4. Wao ni waholanzi.
They are Dutch.

5. Mimi ni mmarekani.
I am American.

6. Mimi ni mholanzi.
I am Dutch.

7. Sisi ni waholanzi.
We are Dutch.

8. Juma ni mmarekani.
Juma is American.

9. Yeye ni mchina.
He is chinese.

10. Wewe ni mkenya.
You are Kenyan.

A. What do the nm- and wa- prefixes indicate?

B. Translate the Swahili word 'ni'? How does it differ from the similar word in English?

C. How do you explain the difference between sentence 1 and 10?

D. Lay out as much of the Swahili pronoun paradigm as you can. what are you missing?