Sample Error Set

1 -- June 13, 9:45AM

Utterance: Jiejie, uh, Guoguo

Target: Guoguo

Analysis: Semantically mediated lexical substitution

Note: Jiejie is a nickname for our older daughter. Guoguo is the younger girl's name.

Below are several more examples, laid out as rows in a table, but containing the same information as the entry above.

I began collecting my own errors at around 4:00 PM, Thursday, June 8, 2006. Here is a sampling of what I got a few days later, June 13th starting at 9:00 AM to be precise. Don't be intimidated: I do make lots of speech errors so it looks like a pretty busy morning! Your mileage may vary. And yes, I was talking about speech errors alot that morning! It's like that some days at our house.

Number Date/time Utterance Target Analysis Optional Note
1 June 13, 9:45AM Jiejie, uh, Guoguo Guoguo Semantically mediated lexical substitution Jiejie is a nickname for our older daughter. Guoguo is the younger girl's name.
2 June 13, 9:46AM Oh, my spirst speech error of the day! First The sp cluster from 'speech' was anticipated,replacing the /f/. The rest of the word was fine. Alas! This was irritating!
3 June 13, 9:50 AM If you want to waste your morning in that kind of bost post modern way... most post modern way. Another anticipation: there's no /b/ to be anticipated, but the /p/ is similar to a /p/. We'd technically call this a 'feature' error. There aren't many of these... aren't you proud to know me? FWIW: I was trying to be cute, talking to my spouse.
4 June 13, 9:55AM I just feel so welcome here with my ... I just feel so welcome here with your feet in my hair. Words getting scrambled is a syntactic error. A relaxed morning at the W-J family estates: one of my daughters was tickling me on the floor and putting her little feet in my hair.
5 June 13, 9:55AM Ah! A speech errorer every five minutes. A speech error every five minutes! Extra 'er' sound perseverating. OK, like I said, it was a crazy morning and your mileage may vary!
6 June 13, 10:00AM I don't think she sinks it's funny. thinks it's funny Anticipation of the /s/
7 June 13, 10:10AM That's what Claire wants. That's what Guo wants. Semantically mediated lexical error. What *would* I do for speech errors without these children?
8 June 13, 10:25AM OK, Guo...Claire OK, Claire More of the same!
9 June 13, 10:35AM The elev...the helecopter is going up. helecopter More lexical errors. This one both semantically and phonologically mediated. Both are machines that go up. Compare the sounds of the two words: same number of syllables, both have stress on the first syllable, and they have many of the same vowel and consonant sounds. Thanks to Mr. Rogers for this one. We were watching him and Mr. McFeely take off in a helecopter. I was narrating.
10 June 13, 11:35AM A lot of little jars in the refrigerator bottles Semantically mediated lexical slip For once not involving my children!
11 June 1, 11:45AM Gu... Claire do you want something to eat? Claire

And then, I sat down at the computer and nobody much talked to be until 4:30 or so! No, it isn't like this all day. And, if this amount of recording scares you, remember that I am probably on the far end of the continuum in terms of number of errors per day. I range from a low of 13 to a high so far of 34.