The BG Language Creation Guide

Translation Task

Here is some summary information about the morphosyntax of the Liqupa language and a sampling of lexical items. Use these to gloss and translate the sentences at the bottom of the page. Here is an answer and explanation. Other, slightly different translations are possible.


The Liqupa syllable is CV only but a word final /q/ is permitted. If combining morphemes results in a syllable ending in /q/ appearing in the middle of a word, and if the next syllable also begins with a consonat, the /q/ must be deleted. For example:
malaq = yak
-ma = plural
* malaq-ma yak-plural
mala-ma yak-plural yaks

Morphosyntactic Information

Function Words: Pronouns

Here is the pronominal system:

Content Words

Sentences to Translate

Translate and gloss the following into Liqupa
Updated 4/18/2011