Language Structure Problems


Examine these data from ajak. What root, inflectional and derivational morphemes can you find? What does each mean?

1. Ti so ples. I am unenthusiastic.

2. Pal sua ilid! It is really something!

3. Afosat sual ejenid. The masks are scary.

4. Kilit sual reges. The families are sorrowful.

5. Ankat sual umes. The cats are under a spell.

6. Ti s'iles. I am eager.

7. Miat sual pleid. The teachers are dull.

8. Reltat sual regid. The stories made people sad.

9. Mia sua ales. The teacher is angry.

10. Krehta sua umid. The chief is charismatic.

11. Eme sua ejenes. The child is afraid.

12. Kili sual alid. The family is infuriating.