Language Structure Problems


Manzanic is the language spoken by the little apple tree in my front yard. Apple trees are naturally very sensitive to changes in light intensity and have exceptional color vision (although the mechanism for this is quite mysterious to Western science).

It may be the case that every Appletree noun must contain a color morpheme. Isolate the morphemes for colors present in the data below.

1. [luana] well watered lawn
2. [skiana] dried up lawn that has not been watered lately
3. [tatana] sidewalk
4. [galana] road
5. [galki] night sky
6. [niuki] beautiful clear sky
7. [lupi] healthy apple leaf
8. [skipi] fall apple leaf
9. [galak] crow
10. [kuak] duckling
11. [galjum] rotten apple
12. [tuak] cardinal ##

## Note that the translation of this word was revised after the recording linked below was made. In the recording, it was referred to as 'robin'.

a. How might my apple tree say 'ripe apple'?
b. How might she refer to a carpet of dandelions?
c. What is happening if she mentions the word 'luki'.
d. What has happened if she tells me she has a friend with 'galpi'?

First, work through the problem on your own. Then, consult one or more of these resources: