Language Structure Problems

Hawaiian Semantics

Following are some words in hawaiian, Some of which bare a derivational prefix. Determine, to the best of your ability, what meaning this prefix contributes to the words which contain it. Please lay out your argument for your choice, using at least three pairs of words as you data. Do not exclude the probem (peripheral) cases. Remember that semantics is not always easy to pin down and thus you should look a for a general meaning that fits all cases. Be as specific as you can, including its influence (if any) on part of speech, while still accounting for all the data.

Do not worry about the different forms the prefix takes on different roots; work only with the semantics here.

English words and Hawaiian Translation

Note that part of speech designation here comes from the specific sentence in which the Hawaiian word was found.

1. be broad (V): akea
2. bring a truce between warring parties (V): ho'omaluhia
3. burn (V): a
4. correct (V): hoopono
5. extend/ widen (VV): hoakea
6. good (ADJ): pono
7. kindle / light (V): hoa
8. know (V): ike
9. Peace (N): maluhia
10. protect (V): hoomalu
11. remember (V): ha:'upu
12. remind (V): ho'oha:'upu
13. shade (N): malu
14. show (V): hoike