Language Structure Problems


This assignment is designed to both help you practice transcription and practice talking about transcription using standard names for symbols. My goal is to rid my classroom of utterances such as these:

Maybe you can understand what is meant by these (or maybe you can't) but in any case, we'll adopt a set of names that is both standard and more dignified and practice them so that we can discuss our transcriptions easily.

Here are groups of animal names transcribed in IPA. Only one in each group is correctly transcribed. Indicate which ones are correct, and explain in a full English sentence why the incorrect ones are incorrect. To do this, use the names of symbols given on the Little English Segment IPA Chart with Names.

For example, if you read [fIs] for the word 'fish', you might say (consulting your chart): "The word 'fish' is incorrect as it used an 's' where an 'esh' is needed." You may use names of letters ('m' or 'capital m') for characters in the roman alphabet.