Language Structure Problems

Japanese Negation

Examine this sample of Japanese data:

1. Inu ga arimasu.
There's a dog (here).

2. Sensei ga iimasen.
There isn't a teacher (here).

3. Isu ga arimasen.
There isn't a chair (here).

4. Kata ga iimasu.
There's a person (here).

5. Neko ga arimasu.
There's a cat (here).

6. Densha ga arimasu.
There's a train (here).

3. neko ga arimasen.
There is no cat

1. Explain how negation is accomplished in these formal Japanese verbs.

2. What mismatches do you find between the japanese words and their free English translations? Explain any extra words yu find or any meanings which do not appear to be translated.