Language Structure Problems

Japanese Content Questions

Consult the data below and answer the questions:

1. Nan desu ka?
What is it?

2. Hon desu.
It's a book.

3. Donna hon desu ka?
What kind of book is it?

4. Akai hon desu.
It's a red book.

5. Dare ga tabemasu ka?
Who is eating?

6. Taro ga tabemasu.
Taro is eating.

7. Taro ga doko de tabemasu ka?
Where is Taro eating?

8. Taro ga uchi de tabemasu.
Taro is eating in the house.

9. Taro ga nani o tabemasu ka?
What is Taro eating?

10. Taro ga sushi o tabemasu.
Taro is eating sushi.

11. Taro ga sushi o dare ni kudasaimasu ka?
To whom does Taro give sushi?

12. Taro ga sushi o sensei ni kudasaimasu.
Taro gives sushi to the teacher.

A. How are content questions created in Japanese?
B. Compare this to English content question formation, noting similarities and differences.