Language Structure Problems

Some More "Funny" Jokes to Read

With thanks to ENG6150, summer 2011 (and a few others as time went on! Aren't these funny, funny people?! (Be aware as you read that individual pronunciation sometimes varies between speakers.)

1. You could have some fun with variations of the transcription of the punchline for the first one.
[V m{n wOkt Intu V bar]

2.[nak nak]
[huz Der]
[bVn{nV hu]
[nak nak]
[huz Der]
[bVn{nV hu]
[nak nak]
[huz Der]
[bVn{nV hu]
[nak nak]
[huz Der]
[OrVndZ hu]
[OrVndZ ju gl{d aj dIdnt sej bVn{nV]

3. [nak nak]
[huz Der]
[bu hu]
[waj ar ju krajIN Its onli mi]

4. It is interesting to see what people chose to do with the punctuationmarks. Notice that they can never go inside the []. It's fair to shift the transcription of the punchline here slightly, since you'd pronounce it slightly differently.
[nak nak]!
[huz Der]?
[al@v hu]?
[alVv ju]!

5. Look at the different transcriptions of 'and' here.
[wVts bl{k {n wajt n= rEd Ol ovr=]?
[V bUk]

6. [waj Iz sIks @frejd Vv sEvIn]
[bikOz sEvIn ejt najn]

7. I've removed some word boundaries on the question here:
[@hOrs wOksIntu @ bar]
[D@ bartEndr= sEz]:
[waj D@ lON fejs]?

8. Fun with brackets and quotation marks:
[waj Iz Da lEtr= ti lajk {n ajl@nd]?
[bikOz] "t" [Iz In D@ mIdl= Vv] 'water'!

9. Some different, but still quite readable vowel choices here. also note that you could use [T] where this transcriber used [D]. Try to figure out which you have in your pronunciation of the word in question. I like this joke in particular because it plays with word boundaries.
[wOt du ja kOl @ dir wIDawt ajz]?
... ... [now ajdir]

10. More fun with word boundaries:
[w@t dId r=ni sEj tu br=t wEn {skt If hi wantId ajs krim]
[Sr= br=t]

11. And the necessary last one:
[waj dId Da tSIkIn krOs Da rowd]
[tu gEt @wej frVm Diz b{d dZoks]