Language Structure Problems

A Story about a Little Bird

Part One: Reading Transcription

Below you will find some text transcribed phonetically. Please provide the correct orthographic representation of this passage. Note that the passage does include spaces between most words, but where words are linked by phonological process, the spaces have been removed. Thought groups are given here in separate square brackets; a close and re-open of brackets does not necessarily indicate a new sentence.

[{z aj w@sItiN In maj OfIs jEstr=dej aj w@startl=d tu hir V sVdn= Sarp T^d @gInst maj wIndow]
[naw It Iz wr=T rimajndiN Doz @v ju hu h{v bIn Vp hir {n tElIN Doz @v ju hu h{v nat D{t maj OfIs IZ lokejtId On D@ fOrT flOr @v maj {k@dEmIk bIldIN]
[sow nakIN On maj partIkjulr= Ofis wIndow Iz now min fit]
[It mEZr=z mejbi fIfti fit fr@m hir t@ D@ sajdwOk bilow]
[It majt bi V sONbr=d b@t aj howp nat]
[aj h{v kr=tInz {t maj wIndow sow aj k{nt Im{dZIn a br=d wUd mIstejkn=li kr{S Intu D@ gl{s b@t aj gEs Its pasIbl=]
[pOr litl= gajd prabli nak hImsElf @nkanS@s {n fOl sm{k {n End hIz swit lItl= br=di lajf]

Part Two: Transcribe What you Hear

Here is a companion piece to the story above. Transcribe what you hear.