Language Structure Problems


Examine these sentences translated into Turkish. Isolate and gloss all the morphemes you can find.
Accented vowels and C cidilla are indicated by capital letters.

  • 1. odalar sarI.
    The rooms are yellow.
  • 2. Bu araba acik mavi.
    This car is light blue.
  • 3. gUller beyaz.
    The roses are white.
  • 4. aGaC Cok bUyUk.
    The tree is very big.
  • 5. yollar siyah.
    The roads are black.
  • 6. evim beyaz.
    My house is white.
  • 7. gUlim sarI.
    My rose is yellow.
  • 8. bu oda mavi.
    This room is blue.
  • 9. evler bUyUk.
    The houses are big.
  • 10. aGaClar Cok yeSil.
    The trees are very green.

    In all cases, the English and Turkish sentences use a different number of words.

    A. Which of the two languages uses more words to create the sentences?

    B. Given that the same information is bieng expressed, what accounts for this difference? Is there information missing from one language that is conveyed in the other? is the information conveyed differently.\? Explain.