Language Structure Problems


Examine the Turkish data below and answer the questions.

1. Ben güzelim.
I am beautiful.

2. Sen büyüksin.
You are large.

3. O küçük.
He is small.

4. biz büyükiz.
We are large.

5. Siz küçüksiniz.
You PL are small.

6. Onlar güzel.
They are beautiful.

7. Ben küçükim.
I am small.

8. Sen güzelsin.
You are beautiful.

9. O güzel.
She is beautiful.

10. Onlar büyük.
They are large.

a. What morphemes can you isolate in the Turkish data above?

b. Each of the Turkkish utterances consists of two words. What are their parts of speech. List all the possibilities. If you cannot tell for sure, what further data would you need?