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There is a line between describing how to do a morphology problem and how to gloss a text. I'm trying to primarily discuss glossing here, but we will inevitably have to talk some about the logical processes that go into solving morphology problems as well.

To this end, here is a set of data transcribed (and freely interpretted). The first step is to read through and see what words and morphemes you can identify. I've put the text first and the free translation underneath each utterance and some questions to guide your thinking at the end.


1. mama agai
I love mama.

2. ba agu
I want milk

3. aga
I see what you mean.

4. da agiligili
I think Daddy is really funny.

5. da ba igak
Daddy has my milk.

6. da igliu
The doggy is sleeping.

7. gi agliu
I am not sleeping!

8. Mama tu igai
Mama loves my toy.

9. ba agugu
I want milk right now!

10. da gi igliu
Daddy is not sleeping.

11. da agai
I love daddy.

12. da agak
I have the doggy.

13. Tu agili
I think my toy is funny.

14. gi agaga
I really don't understand

15. ba amaimai
I really liked my milk!

16. tu gi amakmak
I really didn't want my toy.

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