The BG Language Creation Guide

Help with Glossing

Note that the function morphemes are given in capital letters.

Glossed Babish Sentences

1.mama a-g-ai
mother 1SG-PRES-love
I love mama.

2. ba a-g-u
milk 1sG-PRES-want
I want milk

3. a-g-a 1SG-PRES-understand
I see what you mean.

4. da a-g-ili-gili
I think Daddy is really funny.

5. da ba i-g-ak
father milk 3SG-PRES-have
Daddy has (my) milk.

6. da i-g-liu
dog 3SG-PRES-sleep
The doggy is sleeping.

7. gi a-g-liu
NEG 1SG-PRES-sleep
I am not sleeping!

8. Mama tu i-g-ai
mother toy 3SG-PRES-love
Mama loves my toy.

9. ba a-g-u-gu
milk 1SG-PRES-want-EMPH
I want milk right now!

10. da gi i-g-liu
father NEG 3SG-PRES-sleep
Daddy is not sleeping.

11. da a-g-ai
father 1SG-PRES-love
I love daddy.

12. da a-g-ak
dog 1SG-PRES-have
I have the doggy.

13. Tu a-g-ili
I think my toy is funny.

14. gi a-g-a-ga
NEG 1SG-PRES-understand-EMPH
I really don't understand

15. ba a-m-ai-mai
milk 1SG-PAST-love-EMPH
I really liked my milk!

16. tu gi a-m-ak-mak
toy NEG 1SG-PAST-have
I really didn't have my toy.

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Updated 2/22/2011