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Getting Started

Begin by finding two sentences you can compare: sentences that are only very slightly different from one another. Examples here might be:

Moving on from there, you might

1. mama agai
I love mama.

2. ba agu
I want milk

3. aga
I see what you mean.

4. da agiligili
I think Daddy is really funny.

5. da ba igak
Daddy has my milk.

6. da igliu
The doggy is sleeping.

7. gi agliu
I am not sleeping!

8. Mama tu igai
Mama loves my toy.

9. ba agugu
I want milk right now!

10. da gi igliu
Daddy is not sleeping.

11. da agai
I love daddy.

12. da agak
I have the doggy.

13. Tu agili
I think my toy is funny.

14. gi agaga
I really don't understand

15. ba amaimai
I really liked my milk!

16. tu gi amakmak
I really didn't want my toy.

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